Etsy Shop Offically Open! – FloralinkBows


I have exciting news that I’m so proud to share with all of you! If you haven’t been following me on Instagram than you may not have heard that I’ve officially opened up my own Etsy shop.

It’s quite a momentous time for me. I’ve worked really hard planning this all out and hoping that I get it all right. Now, you’re probably curious as to what is it I’m selling?! Hair Bows! I’ve been making hair bows that will eventually be book related.

Unfortunately though I haven’t got many bookish bows made just yet because I need to purchase some materials for that, but I have made bows none the less. There are some pretty cute bows that I’ve worked hard on making and that are currently for sale right now!

If you see any bows there that you like, they’re all currently up on my Etsy store – FloralinkBows ❤

I have a couple other patterns that I’m working on at the moment which I hope will be available online in a day or two. They’re superhero hair bows!

Don’t worry though, I have a couple of pages filled up with bookish bow ideas that I’m planning out, it’s just a matter of purchasing the items. Because obviously I’m a new shop, all my materials that I need to buy will be coming out of my own pocket. I do hope eventually one day my shop will be self-sufficient where I can just use any proceeds I make from selling bows into purchasing new and exciting materials and items to make more wonderful bows for you!

Thank you all so much for your support and love, it means so much to me.

Happy reading, and until next time



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