A Glance Into My World


Hey there,

Here I am, once again.. trying out this blogging thing again. I attempted this last year but it didn’t go very far, unfortunately. I really did enjoy doing it though, so here we go… second attempt.

Well, I suppose that I should give you guys a little insight on who exactly I am. I’m Michaela, nice too meet you. I’m 22 years old and I live in Queensland, Australia. I have social anxiety and I’m an introvert. So books are a big life saver for me to escape reality.

Some days I like to just escape from the world, and that’s when books become a huge part of my life. Whenever life gets hard and I can’t stand it any more, just being able to get emerged into another world and forget about what actually is going on around me is the best cure.

I love the fact that I’m apart of such a wonderful and understanding community within the bookish world. Regular people who don’t read as much as what we do don’t seem to understand just how powerful it can be to open up a book and melt into the pages.

I not only read novels but I’ve also delved into the world of comics. Mainly by collection so far has been DC Comics, and I have a big soft spot for Deadpool over in the Marvel world. 😉 I collect figures and statues of things that I like and I also have a collection of plushies growing. Hey, you’re never too old for anything, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Disney movies are and always will be a love of mine, no matter how old I am. I’m currently working my way though slowly collecting all of the Disney movies on DVD. (It’s a little project that my mother and I have been doing).

I hope to actually be commited this time round with blogging, (maybe one day I even may work up the courage to start a youtube channel to really connect with new people). I don’t really know just yet what this blog will be about. Obviously it will be mainly focusing on books but eventually I’d like to try and spread my wings and talk about other things that I enjoy that aren’t specific to novels. We’ll see, shall will.

Thank you if you managed to read through all my brain vomit. Maybe you got a little more understanding of who I am by reading it, maybe you didn’t get anything from it. I’ll leave that to you too figure out.


Until next time,

Michaela xo


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